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About Veritas

VeritasTM Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations better store, manage, and discover electronically stored information. The service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage and retention for a predictable monthly fee, allowing for accurate forecasting of archiving costs year-over-year, regardless of data growth.

The service has two components:

  • VeritasTM Enterprise Vault cloudEnables your end users to rapidly search and retrieve their archived information directly from their email client, mobile devices, or any supported Web browser.
  • VeritasTM Enterprise Vault Discovery.cloudProvides designated users, such as Legal, Compliance, and HR teams, with direct, roles-based access to the archive, where they can manage and collaborate on legal discovery matters and other investigations.

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Why Veritas for Office 365 Archiving

1. Fills in Governance Gaps

Fills gaps by built-in Microsoft archiving. Includes email journaling(defend process, immutability), completes audit trails and provides compliance supervision. 

2. Best Exchange/O365 Integration

Differentiate your service from competition with hybrid backup. Capture market share by exploiting growing market opportunity

3. Integrated Best of Breed eDiscovery

< 2 second search response time without limits across all archives. Archive beyond O365 solution (i.e. box, social media)

4. Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

A leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant since 12 years. Provides support for non-Microsoft email and data

Features of Enterprise

1. Automate

Leverage a scalable grid architecture with archiving capabilities of an enterprise class solution and highest level of security

2. Discover

Respond to legal and compliance requests with built-in eDiscovery, rapid search and roles-based access to archive

3. Integrate

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange to meet archiving and eDiscovery requirements

4. Operate

Enterprise helps clients defensibly and securely archive content sources beyond email

Benefits of

With Enterprise, authorized users can run searches across specified custodians or the entire archive and get results in seconds with scalable grid architecture. Real-time, iterative search functionality enables searches to be refined “in-progress” until the desired dataset is achieved. This offers significant time savings when building a complex query, since the user can add and remove search filters as needed without having to go back and rebuild the entire search form.


Enterprise uses journaling to capture an exact, immutable copy of all emails sent and received. Journaling captures not only the original message, but also information about the sender and all recipients, including Bcc and distribution list recipients. This information is preserved in both the sender and recipients’ copy of the message, so is therefore discoverable during searches of both the sender and recipients’ archives.

Collaborative review capabilities in Enterprise help to quickly cull down search results and ensure the resulting dataset is relevant to the dispute at hand. This can save considerable legal expenses by reducing the volume of data requiring external review. Search results can be divided up among multiple reviewers, distributing the workload and accelerating the review process. Reviewers can quickly identify hit-highlighted search terms, apply review statuses or labels to items, tag content as relevant, irrelevant, spam, personal, privileged, etc., and add notes that can be reviewed by other reviewers working on the case.

Enterprise automatically retains departed employees’ archives, at no extra charge, in accordance with the customers’ retention policies. This helps ensure that the information is not only preserved for the period of time required, but also defensibly deleted after that period.

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