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Kaspersky Lab Security Solutions on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Quick to rollout, easy to run, no additional hardware investment
  2. Cloud-based console with multi-tenancy support
  3. Manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and servers from anywhere
  1. Proven protection for Windows computers and file servers, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  2. Encryption Management for Windows and Mac computers
  3. Vulnerability scan and Patch Management
  4. Comprehensive endpoint protection technology
  5. Web and device control functionality for enhanced productivity and device protection
  6. Protection for two mobile devices for free, for every user
  1. Detect and block spam and malicious email before it becomes a problem
  2. Advanced heuristics, sandboxing, and machine learning technologies protect email.
  3. Say good-bye to fears of spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and other threats
  1. Multi-layered on-premises complete security solution
  2. Integrated platform managed from a single console
  3. Easy scalability for service providers
  4. Secure the complete customer infrastructure, from mobile devices and desktops to servers
  1. Multi-tenancy support for virtual environments
  2. Consistent, automated and agile security for AWS and Azure public clouds
  3. Support of VMware vSphere and NSX
  4. Integrated multi-layered security for all types of workloads
  5. Seamless security orchestration across your entire hybrid cloud

What’s New with Kaspersky Lab Security Offerings on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

  1. Leverage the monthly subscription model for Kaspersky Security Offerings
  2. Real-time provisioning of subscriptions
  3. Dedicated cloud management console for managing all your Kaspersky Lab active subscriptions
  4. Automated monthly consolidated invoicing for all orders placed on Cloud Marketplace

Sign Up for Kaspersky Lab

Choose Your Model:

Kaspersky Lab Partner Program

 1. Fast start without additional investments – any partner can sell subscriptions
 2. Ease of use for customers
 3. Order-based billing: monthly
 4. First line Support – Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab MSP Program

 1. Get MSP Specialization on Kaspersky Portal
 2. Provide managed services to your customers
 3. Remote user management and troubleshooting (install, update, schedule)
 4. Cumulative discount
 5. First line Support – MSP Partner

Kaspersky Lab MSP Partner Program

Kaspersky Lab MSP Partner Program is designed to help MSPs increase sales revenue, start-up and run quickly, and increase net new customers. The program is designed to meet the needs of partners that want to grow their managed services offering in cybersecurity, without additional overheads or resources.

Benefits of Kaspersky Lab MSP Program

Cumulative Discounts
Flexible Licensing
Become a SLA Legend
Fast Start Without Additional Investments
Grow your Customer Base Without Needing to Hire New Engineers
Sales and Marketing Support

Kaspersky Lab MSP Program Requirements

  1. One sales and one pre-sales member certified in Kaspersky Lab
    • One member each from your sales team and pre-sales team to get certified in Kaspersky Lab Solutions
  2. You should provide 1st line support to your customers
    • Kaspersky has created few product technical trainings for your technicians so, you can start supporting your customers immediately once they are trained

How To Get Started

If you are an existing Kaspersky Lab Reseller

Register yourself on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace on this link: https://me.cloud.im/

If you are not a Kaspersky Lab Reseller

1. Register for Kaspersky Lab Partner Program: https://www.kasperskypartners.com/?eid=register
2. Register for Kaspersky Lab MSP Program: https://www.kaspersky.com/partners/managed-service-provider

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